Today's String Theoretical/Philosophical Thought

The most modern version of string theory (M-Theory) shows us that reality as we perceive it exists only in our minds, and there is no concrete external reality apart from the observer. There is only waves and currents of information flow, constructed in binary logic (ones and zeros), that are converted into sensory information and interpreted by our pattern-seeking brains into the world that we know.

The entire universe therefore exists wholly in our own minds, and each of us is the center of our own unique universe. Therefore, the universe that I exist in, and every person, tree and rock in it, is literally me. It is a wave of information that exists in my brain, and therefore a part of me. You, for instance, and all the delicate intracacies of your life, presently exist only as a tick on the view counter of this blog post in my own universe, of which I am the observer. I, on the other hand, exist as a two dimensional creature on a computer screen in your universe (unless you know me in the physical world), but only when you choose to view my photos or videos, and I always act out the same timeless and pre-determined actions when you do.

So if I only exist in your mind, that must mean that I am literally a part of you, if only a fleeting wave of energy that passes through your brain. The opposite is also just as true. You are a precious view on my webpage, which I have poured my heart and soul into, and which is a part of me. You are a part of me.

Why do I lie to myself then? Why do I act disingenuously toward others? I am only creating distance between myself and others and preventing myself from being understood. Why do I treat the earth with disrespect? The earth is me. I am made of the earth and share its molecules. Why do I leave my belongings in disorganization? I am only leaving my mind in disorganization by doing so.

That is all, hope this got you thinking.

Love, M

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